Never let your customer go unanswered

Not responding to customer is a big NO NO in business. Setup your system one time and let it handle all your customer enquiries.

  • Online 24 X 7
  • Self Learning - with advanced NLP & AI
  • One click integration with Facebook, Viber, Skype, Slack.
  • Custom response for queries.
  • Custom Theme support.

Each information, available to you via our easy to use Dashboard

  • Each user who contacted you.
  • Most popular phrases that people want to know about you
  • Even the most unusual enquiries are recorded. YOU know what your customers want.
  • Timeline based reporting.

Platforms Supported

Our system is ready made for custom integration. Our ONE system can be integrated on your website (desktop and mobile), Facebook, Skype, Viber, Slack. You don't need to worry about developing different system for different platforms

Live Chat vs Chat Bot

Live Chat

  • Time Consuming
  • Expensive
  • Manual and Redundant
  • Easy to switch context

Chat Bot

  • One time build
  • Great for redundant tasks
  • Can automate / train
  • Low context switching ability

Solution? Live Chat + Chat Bot

We know bots will not able to understand and handle every single customers' queries.
So, we made it easy to switch from bot to a human agent so that your agent can take over the conversation when needed.

Get in touch with us for demo session

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